A downloadable game

Lumberjack Fantasy was a project I started a couple of years back as a design/art examination project in school. I have had intentions of finishing it (and rework the graphics) someday, but it is on hold right now until I find resources (read time) to finish it.

It has a bunch of neat features that are seemingly invisible, such as a random world generation with modular pieces. However, the modules are right now just copies of themselves. Feel free to download it, try it out and leave feedback.

It only has a small scale forest world right now, but I was planning on at least 7-8 worlds with bosses and at least 20-30 enemies and matching abilities for each world. Kinda like a roguelike metroidvania with a sprinkle of my wierd sense of humor.

So, go ahead and take a peek, give some feedback if you like and share with me if you think that this actually is something you would like to play.

Install instructions

Downloading and installing:
Step 1: Download it (probably to your default download folder)

Step 2: Install it (at your favorite location!)


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